Hi Artists and Entertainers!

If you've got downtime between rehearsals, auditions, and your big show, grab a shift when it works for you. Simply reply "yes" when we text you an offer and the shift is all yours.

Moonrise matches your availability with a variety of shifts and pays you within 24 hours. Ka-ching!

Our Partners

  • American Family Insurance
  • IDEO
  • Enterprise
  • The General

Our Mission

Moonrise is on a Mission to Make Earning Cash Easier

Backed by American Family Insurance, we help companies access a previously untapped workforce while ensuring that Moonrisers feel proud of where they work.

  • Vetted companies & workers

    With our qualified ratings system, you’ll be connected to trustworthy companies. After each shift, tell us if you liked it, loved it, or hated it, and we’ll update your preferences for future shifts.

  • Peace of mind

    Say goodbye to spending hours sorting through online job postings. We send tailored job offers based on your preferences directly to your phone.

  • Flexible shifts

    Grab a shift when it works for you. Simply reply “yes” when we text you an offer and the shift is all yours.

How It Works

Our Beliefs

We hold three core beliefs close to our hearts:
  • Put workers first.
  • Unleash the untapped potential in the American Workforce.
  • Celebrate the hustle.

The Moonrise Mission

Our mission is to connect hard-working, motivated, and qualified people in search of extra income with reputable employers in need of filling short term shifts.

At Moonrise, we understand the barriers on both sides: companies face real obstacles in finding quality talent, whether that’s temporary or long-term. Meanwhile, as our economy transforms, it can be harder for families and individuals to make ends meet. We believe when individuals are in control of their financial lives, they make for better and more reliable employees. Whether it's an extra $60 for groceries or an extra 6 people on the warehouse floor, Moonrise is committed to helping both people and businesses when they need it most.