In the summer of 2016, American Family Insurance set out to understand how it could help policyholders of its subsidiary, The General®, make their lives easier - especially those living paycheck to paycheck.

After delving into customer research with world-class designers from IDEO, the discovery was simple: Americans needed an easy, reputable solution to earn extra money. Policyholders did not want to borrow, receive handouts, attend financial education seminars, nor upskill. Most had full-time jobs, but the income wasn’t always enough, or it was inconsistent. Sometimes $62 was the difference between breaking down and breaking even.

These policyholders are often middle-class Americans. These policyholders are us. Moonrise helps the 47% of Americans that cannot come up with an extra $400 in times of emergency by offering a reliable, flexible, on-demand solution to earn supplemental income when the need arises. We source, screen, and employ motivated Americans that want to work, and we match them with the right shift to earn some extra ka-ching. With the full backing of American Family Insurance, we're here to fulfill the dream of financial stability.

Current openings:

You will drive and deliver vehicles to various Chicago locations. You’ll be responsible for following the rules of the road, working well with fellow team members, filing accurate vehicle paperwork, and performing other duties as assigned by your shift supervisor.
General Laborer
You will perform manual labor tasks such as loading and unloading materials, packing items, assembling cardboard boxes, or cleaning a work area. You’ll be responsible for working well with fellow team members, following quality service standards, and performing various duties as assigned by your shift supervisor.
You are open to possibilities, let us help you decide based on your skills.