Company FAQs

Why are our Workers better talent?
Through our parent company, American Family Insurance, we have direct access to millions of potential Workers that typically don't use temporary staffing agencies — an untapped resource for many employers. These Workers already have full-time commitments — whether it be school, family, or work — so you know they're trustworthy and capable. By narrowing our candidate pool, we're able to source high quality Workers to fill your labor gaps.
How long have you been in business?
We are a new company, but our parent company, American Family Insurance has been in business for over 90 years!
Who is the employer of record for Workers?
They are W2 employees of Moonrise.
How are Workers pre-qualified?
We perform background checks, conduct screening interviews, and thoroughly review survey responses prior to each Worker joining our team, so you can feel confident in your matches. If you're curious about any other pre-qualifications, please contact us and ask!
What if there is damage to my property or a Worker gets hurt?
We have top-notch insurance coverage to protect our Workers and your property.
Who provides training?
Moonrise provides a comprehensive employee orientation and general safety training during onboarding. Clients are expected to do an onsite introduction for job specific duties and set expectations upon arrival.
Can employers hire Workers as full- or part-time employees?
Yes! Using Moonrise is a great way to introduce new Workers into your company and culture. We're happy to be a recruitment funnel for your business! Note we charge a finder's fee for any permanent hires.
How much will this cost my company?
We can discuss service fees on a case-by-case basis. However, like most staffing companies, we charge a commission on the hourly wage of each Worker and take care of all employment, onboarding, and payroll so you don't have to!
Who pays the Workers?
We do. You set your pay rate; we write the paycheck. Fill out the sign-up form if you have additional questions on this process!