Worker FAQs

For Applicants

I just applied online. When will I hear back?
Thanks for applying! You’ll get a text from Gemma at Moonrise asking you to confirm your cell phone number. If we think you could be Moonrise material, we’ll reach out to you to schedule a phone interview.
Are the jobs only in Chicago, and if so what parts?
Our shifts are currently in the Chicagoland area and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.
What types of jobs do you offer?
We currently have openings for drivers, car detailers, movers, and customer service representatives.
How much notice will I get before a shift?
It depends, but we ask our clients to give you at least 48 hours notice. Sometimes you’ll get more notice than that, sometimes you’ll get less notice. You’re never under an obligation to accept a shift.
How many hours can I work in a week?
Moonrisers can work a maximum of 29 hours per week.
Is this contract work or am I an employee of Moonrise?
If hired, you will be a W-2 employee of Moonrise.
Does Moonrise give me a W-2?
Yes! All Moonrisers are W-2 employees of Moonrise and will receive a W-2.
Does Moonrise perform a background check?
Yes, Moonrise performs background checks on all employees.
How long does the background check application process take?
It depends on a few different factors, but typically from one day to 2 weeks.
I’m having trouble with my background check application. Can you help me?
Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to help you through the background check application process. The good news is Checkr can! You can use the online form to contact Checkr at or you can call them at 844-524-3275.
How do I get paid?
It’s up to you! Most Moonrisers choose our Moonrise card, which allows you to be paid within 24 hours of completing a shift. We also offer biweekly payment through direct deposit or paper check.
If I decline a shift, does that work against me?
You’ll never be penalized for saying no to a shift.
Can I update my availability if it changes?
Absolutely! Once you apply and officially become a Moonriser, you can log in to your profile and update your availability at any time.
What is the typical hourly pay rate?
The hourly wage for our shifts ranges from $10 - $15.
When offered a shift, is the pay rate included for that job?
Yes. When you’re offered a shift, you’ll receive details such as the pay rate, name of the position, name of the employer, and start time.
How long are the shifts?
Our shifts vary from 5 to 8 hours long. The minimum amount of time you’ll work is 4 hours.
Where is Moonrise Headquartered?
We’re proud to be located in Chicago, IL. Our office is accessible through the CTA lines and there is plenty of free off-street parking around our building. The only time you’ll have to come to our office is for orientation.
How do I log in? / How do I check the status of my application?
Slow your roll! You are not able to login until you’re hired and you become a Moonriser. The first step of the application process is to apply here.
When I try to log in, it tells me my account isn’t activated; what does that mean?
It means you’re not yet an active Moonriser. To become an active Moonriser you must 1) apply, 2) complete a phone interview, 3) complete a background check, and 3) attend an orientation session. If all goes well at orientation you’ll be an active Moonriser!
I can’t make it to my scheduled phone interview/on boarding, how do I reschedule?
Attendance is extremely important at Moonrise, but we understand things come up. If you’re not able to make it in, please reach out to us and we’ll send you a link to reschedule.
Do I need a smartphone to work for Moonrise?
Nope! You can apply on any device that is connected to the internet. If you apply and become a Moonriser, you will need a phone that can accept text messages.
What happens at orientation?
At orientation you’ll bring two valid forms of ID so that you can complete your HR paperwork. Some of this paperwork includes your W-4 and I-9. We’ll also do a tech demo to show you how to log in to your user profile to update your availability and role preferences. Finally, we’ll lay out our expectations for you, and let you know what you can expect from us. Orientation is typically 1.5 hours long and you can expect good music to be playing in the background.

For Active Moonrisers

How do I log in to update my availability?
You log in by clicking LOGIN at the top of this page. From there, enter in your email address and password. Once are you logged in, navigate to the Edit Profile menu to update availability. Buttons highlighted orange mean you've selected that timeslot as available. All changes are automatically saved.
It's ok to select a timeslot even if you aren't available for the whole time. For example, one of the timeslots in the availability section is from 6am-12pm. If you can start a shift at any time in between those two times, such as 8 am, select that timeslot! This will help us match you with shifts as they open up.
How soon will I start to see shifts?
Shifts are sent out based on your availability, role preferences, and distance from different client sites. The more availability you have and the further you’re willing to travel, the more shifts you’ll get!
Is Moonriser my employer?
Yes we are. While we have our own expectations for you, Moonrisers are also expected to follow all directions and guidelines from their shift manager as well.
Can I see all the shifts that are available?
Not right now, we are a text-based system that pushes available shifts directly to your phone, so you don’t have to look through a job board.
I’m not able to work for the next week, can you stop my text messages?
Sure! Simply text (312) 626-0414 to let us know that you’ll be out of town and we’ll temporarily set your account to inactive. This will stop the text messages. Once you return, let us know and we’ll flip you back to active!
There are certain locations I don’t want to go to, can you stop those messages?
If there is a location you don’t want to work at, please let us know and we’ll do our best to ensure you’re no longer offered shifts there.
What is Moonrise’s strike policy?
The entire strike policy can be found in your handbook. The shorter version is simple: 4 strikes and you’re out. Arriving to a shift late or dropping a shift late are ways to get one strike. We understand things do happen, which is why we allow 1 strike to be erased for every 5 shifts you complete with perfect attendance and performance.
I’d like to dispute or ask about my disciplinary strike. How do I do that?
Please fill out the dispute form located here.
Where can I see what shifts I’m signed up for?
Log in to your profile by clicking LOGIN at the top of this page. Once you’re logged in, click on the dashboard and scroll down to where it says RECENT POSITIONS.
How can I get a letter of employment verification?
If you need a letter of employment verification please contact the Moonrise Employee Hotline: (312) 626-0414.
How do I see my paystub in Moonrise?
To view your paystubs, you’ll need to log in to OneMint at
This site different from the Moonrise website, so pay attention to your login information.

Your username will most likely follow this format: Capitalized first letter of your first name, and your last name with the first letter capitalized, all as one word. For example, if your name is Jill Smith, your username is JSmith.

During orientation you changed your OneMint password, so we no longer have access to that information. Here’s a hint: it’s eight characters long, contains one number, one capital letter, and one special character. If you’re still not able to remember your password, please use the "Forgot Password" link on the sign in page.

One you log in, click "My Account" on the top left. From that drop down menu, select "My Pay Statements."

Remember, pay stubs are generated every two weeks. If you don’t see your pay stubs there, it’s likely because you haven’t work for two pay periods yet.
How do I check the balance on my Moonrise card?
To to review your balance and transaction details, register your card at

You also can register your cell phone number to receive on-demand text alerts to your cell phone by texting BAL to 445544. Standard messaging rates will apply.

Before your shift

What do I do if I need to cancel my shift?
If you need to cancel a shift, let us know 36 hours before the shift starts to avoid a strike. If you need to drop it and can’t give 36 hours notice, still let us know, but keep in mind you’ll receive one strike.
How much notice is required to cancel my shift without being penalized?
You can drop any shift with 36 hours notice without being penalized. Dropping a shift with less than 36 hours notice will result in one strike.
What do I do if I’m running late for my shift?
Text the Employee Hotline at (312) 626-0414. Some shifts move off-site immediately at the check-in time. Let us know if you’re running late so we can ask your shift manager to wait for you.
What if I can’t find the location of my shift?
Double-check the location and address on the position details page of your shift. If you’re still not able to locate it, text the Employee Hotline at (312) 626-0414.
What do I do if I arrive early to my shift?
Early bird gets worm! If you arrive early, let us know. You won’t be paid for that time, but we’ll be very happy with you and so will your shift manager.
If I tell Moonrise I’m running late for my shift, will I still be penalized?
Yes, arriving late to a shift will result in one strike. You should still let us know so we can inform your shift manager. Some shifts move off-site immediately at the check-in time. Let us know if you’re running late so we can ask your shift manager to wait for you.
Upon arrival, do I need to check in with anyone?
It depends on the shift! Your arrival instructions and check-in instructions are in the shift’s position details page.

During your shift

Do I have to take a break?
You don’t have to take a break if it’s offered to you. If you do take a break, you have to let us know. You clock in and out of your breaks in the same way you clock in and out of shifts: you text us!
I was sent home from my shift, what should I do?
Text the Moonriser Employee Hotline, (312) 626-0414, as soon as possible.
I need to leave my shift early, who should I notify?
Contact us through the Moonrise Employee Hotline at (312) 626-0414 to let us know. From there we may ask you to follow up with your shift manager.
I got hurt while at my shift; what do I do?
If you’re having a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911 immediately. For all other emergencies, call (312) 626-0414 (Moonrise Employee Hotline) as soon as possible.

After your shift

A client wants me to come back and work there again the next day, what should I do?
Hooray! We take great pride when our clients love working with our Moonrisers. We fill shifts on a first come, first serve basis. Please tell the client to give their account manager a call to discuss options for having their favorite Moonrisers return.
A client wants me to start working with them full- or part-time, what should I do?
Hooray! We take great pride when our clients hire our Moonrisers. In these situations, we work out the details directly with our client to help you transition. Be sure to contact the Employee Hotline at (312) 626-0414 if you have questions about this process.
Why do I need to rate my shift?
We want to send you the shifts we know you’ll like. Rating your shift is the best way for us to know what shifts you do or don’t like.
I lost my Moonrise card, what do I do?
You’ll have to reach out to Wirecard customer service at 1-877-855-7201 and report your card as lost or stolen. Once you call, a Wirecard representative will have you verify your first and last name, and confirm the address linked to your card. It takes about 3-5 business days to receive a replacement card. Moonrise cannot call Wirecard for you, but please let us know you’ve lost your card by texting the Moonrise Employee Hotline at (312) 626-0414.
Where can I use my Moonrise card?
Anywhere and everywhere most major debit cards are accepted!
Where can I withdraw cash from my Moonrise card?
You have a few options! You can withdraw cash directly from your Moonrise card at any ATM, but fees will apply if you use your card at an out-of-network ATM. (See a list of available ATMs at You also can link your card to your bank account, transfer your Moonrise funds to your checkings account, and then use your personal debit card to withdraw funds.
How long after my shift ends will I be paid?
If you chose the Moonrise card, you’ll be paid within 24 hours. If you chose direct deposit or a papercheck, you’ll be paid every two weeks on Thursday.
Why was money taken out of my pay?
Taxes. Each Moonriser is a W-2 employee of Moonrise, meaning a certain amount of every check will have taxes taken out. During tax season you’ll receive a W-2 from Moonrise.