Worker FAQs

Is this a scam?
No no no! We are a registered business in the State of Illinois and wholly owned by the holding company of American Family Insurance.
How does it work?
First, you sign up online by clicking here. We’ll verify your cell number right away, as almost all of our communication is done via text. Next, a Moonrise recruiter will review your information. If you're a match for our platform, we’ll text you to request a phone screen. If you’re still a match from there, we’ll help you finish onboarding from there. All you need is a cell number and a motivation to work to get started!
Do I need a car?
No. However, we do request that you make sure you have reliable transportation to and from the shifts you choose.
Will I be assigned to one location for part-time work?
No - that’s part of the fun of working with Moonrise! Because we work with a variety of clients, your shifts will vary often. You might be a dishwasher one day and a customer service agent the next day. However, if you really enjoy a shift, we’ll send you back to that employer if another shift fits your availability.
What if an employer wants to hire me as a permanent employee?
Hooray! We take great pride when our clients hire our Moonrisers. In these situations, we work out the details directly with our client to help you transition. Be sure to contact the employee hotline at (312) 626-0414 if you have questions about this process.
If I become a permanent employee with a client, can I continue working with you?
Absolutely! Once a Moonriser always a Moonriser. Remember to update your availability if it changes, so we can be sure we can continue to send you shifts that work with your schedule.
How much will I be paid for being a Moonriser?
We have different pay rate agreements with different clients. You’ll be able to see the pay rate before you accept a position, but you can expect that most are between $11 and $16 per hour.
How do I get paid?
You’ve got options! If you use our Moonrise card (similar to a pre-paid debit card), you can receive your pay within 24 hours of completing your shift. If you choose our other options - direct deposit or paper check - you receive your pay every 2 weeks.